Z0602P Minuette Profile

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An excellent unit for medium-throw front of house positions, and high-definition gobo (pattern) projection with its wide zoom range. (For professional use : This item does not include a plug)
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Detailed Description

The two lens zoom system is adjusted by the heat-resistant knobs under the front of the unit between 17° and 36°. The closer the two lenses are to one another, the wider the beam angle - the further apart, the narrower. This wide range of beam angles and extremely sharp definition of the beam edge and gobos is achieved by using an extra, high quality, bi-convex condensing lens behind the gate. This, coupled with the polished reflector, gives this unit its unique quality. In all other respects it is similar to the Z0602 reflector zoom profile.

To give a "peaked" or "flat" beam, the lamp position is adjustable. The heat-resistant rear handle and the "T" shaped tilt locking handle give easy, cool control when adjusting the unit's position.



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Product Features

Photometric data

  CCT Minuette Z0602P Condenser Zoom Profile (650W 14,500 lm)
Minimum angle   Maximum angle
Peak Candela (cd) 38,000 Peak Candela (cd) 8,600
Beam Angle² (°) 15.0 Beam Angle² (°) 30.0
Cut off angle³ (°) 17.0 Cut off angle³ (°) 36.0
Distance (m) 3 6 9 12 Distance (m) 3 6 9 12
Cut off dia (m) 0.90 1.80 2.70 3.60 Cut off dia (m) 1.95 3.90 5.85 7.80
Peak Illumination (lux) 4,220 1,055 470 265 Peak Illumination (lux) 955 240 105 60
Typical performance based on calibrated T27 650W 240V mono-plane 400hr 3100K 14,500 lumen
All photometric data given is indicative of typical performance only. Specifications and materials may be changed without prior notice.
¹ Field Angle: where intensity drops to 10% of peak lux
² Beam Angle: where intensity drops to 50% of peak lux
³ Cut off Angle: where intensity drops to zero of peak lux

Reference Information

  CCT Minuette Z0602P Condenser Zoom Profile
Height¹ (mm) 258  
Height² (mm) 142
Width³ (mm) 314
Depth (mm) 440
Weight (kg) 4.0
¹ Height of luminaire when in horizontal hanging position
² Height of luminaire excluding yoke
³ Width including extended shutter blades


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