Silhouette Profiles

The CCT Silhouette range of 2000/2500W profiles feature the widest range of zoom lenses on the market: 9° to 58°. They are convection-cooled (no fan), and so are completely silent in operation.

The Silhouette lamphouse is constructed of aluminium extrusion mounted on steel front and back plates with steel baffles. The lenstubes mount on studs from the casting, and between these studs sits the rotatble shutter set. The yoke mounts on the extrusion or on the lenstube, and it has two height adjustments to allow high or low mounting. In the high position, the yoke is free to rotate all the way around the back of the lamphouse.

Lamp change is through an independently hinged bottom baffle, which swings down sideways to allow the lamp tray to be unlocked and dropped down to reveal the lamp.

The lenstubes are ruggedly constructed of aluminium extrusion, steel end-plates and an aluminium lid which, as the edges lock into grooves in the extruded side wall, creates a rigid octagonal box section. The lens carriers run in extruded slots supported by non-metal runners that are not affected by the heat. The slots are masked by an internal baffle - so no light spill.

A full complement of accessories is available, from a rotatable gobo holder or drop-in iris, to a hand-operated colour changer for followspot use.

Y0015 GX9.5 T29 1200w 230v lamp
Y0020 GX9.5 T11/T19 1000w 230v
Z0014 Turbo/Silhouette colour frame
Z0015 Turbo/Silhouette 10 deg colour frame
Z0120 Freedom/Sil size 'A' rotatable gobo holder
Z0120B Freedom/Sil 'B' size rotatable gobo holder
ZS021 Silhouette old Shutter Blade (1 off)
ZS041 Silhouette new type Shutter Blade (1 off)
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