The Starlette range of Fresnel & Pebble Convex spotlights are designed to complement the CCT Silhouette range of profile spotlights. Also available is a range of Starlette Floodlights

Changing the lamp can be done without disturbing the lamp focus, the barndoor positions or the operating angle setup. Auto-eject CEE connectors or built-in safety switches are provided to protect against the risk of inserting a lamp into a live lantern.

The control of focusing is both accurate and jolt-free (saving filament life) because of the protected, worm-drive, lead-screw system. The change between 1000W and 1200W lamps is achieved by releasing two screws, repositioning the lamptray plate, then locking in the new position.

All lantern accessories are retained by a hinged door in the colour runners and may be released simply by depressing a spring catch. Colour frame cassettes can be poisitioned for either top, bottom, or side mounting as required.

Starlette yokes have two height adjustments,  All lanterns are fitted with an integral wire mesh or safety glass screen

T5019 Freedom/Starlette CEE 22 Female mains connector
T5029 CEE22 inlet
U4710 1K Starlette Flood Safety glass
V1135 GY16 Lamp holder
V1815 GX9.5 Lampholder
V2500 R7s Flood lampholder
Y0015 GX9.5 T29 1200w 230v lamp
Y0020 GX9.5 T11/T19 1000w 230v
Z0011 Freedom/Starlette colour frame
Z0014 Turbo/Silhouette colour frame
Z0050 STARLETTE 1- 1.2 Kw FRESNEL 6-57 DEG
Z0C94 Starlette Flood spare colour frame
Z0C96 Starlette Floodlight Range: 1000/1250W
ZS017 Freedom/Starlette 1.5m Mains cable assy
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