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Working in Education

Drama spaces in education have to meet many and varied needs, often within a tight budget. Not only may the department need to teach drama and supporting technical skills as an academic discipline but it must also coordinate the school's various productions, from concerts,musicals,school disco's,fashion shows,through to the major event of the year .... the school play.

Often the space is not dedicated purely to drama and must be flexible and safe enough to accommodate assemblies, physical education and PTA meetings, even during the run of rehearsals. CCT understand that a modern drama department needs efficient, practical, reliable and flexible solutions to enable effectiveness. Above all, the solutions must be safe... particularly when you consider the potentially lethal combination of a child's natural curiosity with mains electricity.

When CCT took over Furse Theatre Products in 1988, it inherited years of experience in the educational field and now has a reputation second to none in the industry. We have helped numerous educational drama projects come successfully to fruition over the years and also offer affordable safety advice and servicing arrangements. CCT have always valued the educational market, both at home and overseas, and treated each project with the same high degree of professionalism as the grandest opera house.

Theatre & TV spotlights

CCT have always built robust, easily maintainable luminaires and offered spare parts and updates for a minimum of 10 years. The result is that CCT products simply don't die and often serve for 25 years or more... why else would they be such favorites among the rental suppliers and theme parks whose arduous service demands require proven longevity and ease of maintenance?

CCT pioneered interchangeable lenstubes and lamphouses - and is world famous for providing flexible lighting solutions for theatres of every shape and size. From kitting out the National Theatre, London to smaller studio theatres, CCT's unique approach to design and installation ensure their products can be found in many prestigious live venues throughout the world.


Architectural Spotlights

This is where CCT's breadth of experience and ability to pull knowledge gained in other areas into lighting solutions for architectural spaces has proved invaluable. More and more techniques which existed in theatre and television are being used in this way. These techniques can, of course, also be used to promote corporate or product identity, by image projection.

CCT fully understand the importance of limiting maintenance costs and easily adjustable lighting. Low-wattage discharge units such as the 150W Helios luminaires offer considerably higher light output than a tungsten equivalent and offer clear definition of image projection.Our range of discharge units fits all requirements

From our Fresnels to Floods all units are available in black or white as standard..




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